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“Our Wellness Programs are unique for Aesthetic Clinics”
Only £75 PCM

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Without doubt, the most popular ‘extra’ treatment selected by our aesthetic, beauty and chiropractic clients is our Wellness Program. No matter why you are coming to our Clinic this program can only but help you achieve your long-term goals including reducing your biological age!

Our Wellness Programs are unique for Aesthetic Clinics and start off with a detailed lifestyle questionnaire, a physical consultation with a medically trained nutritionist (This may also include an additional consultation where the blood test option is taken) followed by weekly follow-up for 3 months followed by an assessment consultation all for only £75.00 per month (Minimum period 3 months).

This is a life changing program where a qualified nutritionist will create a personalized diet, supplemental and exercise routine just for you. Please note that you will be required to complete our New Patient Questionnaire. It may be suggested that your Wellness Program is combined with initial blood tests and chiropractic treatment.


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