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Welcome to Retriva Health - The Chelsea Aesthetic Clinic that looks at the whole person located on the World Famous King's Road in Chelsea in London SW3, specialising in:

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The Retriva 360˚ Advantage

“Our Treatments work better because we look at the whole person!”
Dr. Hayley Magill BMBS, B.Med.Sci, PGCME (Disc.)
Aesthetic, Fillers & Injectables Consultant

Unlike other Aesthetic Clinic’s in London, we at Retriva adopt a 360 degree approach to our patients knowing that in order to look at our best we must feel our best. For this reason, when I am consulting with a patient, I often discuss not only leading aesthetic treatments such as Thermage FLX, Ultherapy or the latest filler and injectable treatments such as collagen and elastin stimulating Polynucleotides but also about our in-house nutritional and chiropractic treatments. 

As an experienced aesthetic doctor, my aim is always to ensure the best outcome for patients and I genuinely believe that Retriva's approach will foster the very best results possible.

 Simply put our treatments work better because we look at the whole person!

"We selected Ultherapy & Thermarge FLX
because they represent the industry Gold Standard."

There are many ultrasound and radiofrequency machines on the market but we selected Ultherapy & Thermarge FLX because they represent the industry Gold Standard.

In both cases, they have been Federal & Drug Administration (FDA) and European Medicines Agency (EMA) approved and supported by numerous clinical studies proving their efficacy in naturally producing new collagen and elastin in the deeper dermal layers.

In the case of Ultherapy its micro-focused ultrasound with visualisation technology is unique as it non-invasively operates at a level normally reserved for plastic surgeons!

The Slow Miracle 

“Results Can Last For Over a Year and can be maintained with subsequent treatments”

Thermarge FLX and Ultherapy do not offer an instant fix like injectables/fillers and generally take 3-4 months before any visible differences are apparent. However, the results will be 100% natural with your body literally turning back its biological cloak creating new collagen and elastin. Even better, there is nothing to stop the combined use of these leading treatments with the sympathetic use of injectables and fillers.

There are also virtually no side effects or inherent dangers from these treatments which are always present with surgical interventions. Even better, once treated and new collagen has been ‘banked’ the Results Can Last For Over a Year and can be maintained with subsequent treatments.

You are in Good Company!

Ultherapy and Thermage FLX are literally the first choice for the rich and famous and include people such as Tess Daly (Ultherapy), Jennifer Aniston (Thermage FLX) and Gwyneth Paltrow (Thermage FLX).

Given that they could select any non-surgical face lift treatments but chose these is surely the best endorsement possible – Just look at their natural looking faces!

Refreshing/Rejuvenating Treatments

Our HydraFacial treatments are one of the most popular refreshing/rejuvenating skin treatments and really make a difference to skin quality and glow.

In particular, HydraFacial treatments with carefully selected ‘boosters’ can target your own skin’s particular needs in a way that few other refreshing/rejuvenating treatments can even attempt.

Treatments offered from our Chelsea Clinic

Non-Surgical Face & Body Lifts

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Thermage FLX

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Face & Body Lifts

Face and Body Lifts including Injectables/Fillers and the latest Non-surgical, Non-Invasive Radio Frequency and Micro-Focused Ultrasound Treatments


A nourishing, deep cleansing and hydrating facial therapy that creates an instantly gratifying glow.


Our nutritional programs start with blood tests and lead into nutritional, supplemental and exercise programmes.


The chiropractic team treat a variety of musculoskeletal conditions from Sciatica to Plantar Fasciitis and Back Pain.

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