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The Benefits of HydraFacial Skin Treatments

We all dream of clean, smooth, healthy skin without special effort and preferably in a
short time.

Recently, the cosmetics industry has been conquered by vacuum technology facial
cleansing otherwise known as HydraFacial.

Is this treatment really good? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

Let’s start with the fact that HydraFacial is not only deep facial cleansing, but a whole
complex of patented treatments in one: exfoliation, pore cleansing, peeling, skin
saturation with antioxidants and deep hydration.

It is absolutely comfortable and painless, performed on a device with an FDA
certificate and is an excellent alternative to outdated and painful mechanical facial

During the treatment, the device delivers the patented serum using spiral disposable
tips and thanks to the shape of the tip, the upper layer of the epidermis is exfoliated,
impurities are removed thanks to vacuum technology, and serums are provided that
penetrate the deep layers of the skin thanks to the vortex technology. Thanks to all these stages, the patient gets a comprehensive effect in the form of perfectly smooth, glowing skin.

In general, a series of 3-6 treatments is recommended once every two weeks to achieve the
perfect effect and tighten the skin (or every 2-4 weeks depending on skin condition).
HydraFacial is also an excellent alternative for those who want to moisturise the
skin, but are not decided on more invasive methods, because the effect of deep
hydration of the skin is achieved through the use of serum using the vortex

Immediately after HydraFacial you can go outside, because the treatment leaves no
traces, and the skin is glowing and well hydrated. Within half an hour, the skin is literally renewed, fine wrinkles smoothed, pores narrowed and cleansed. Even better, with the nutritional and supplemental advice offered at Retriva the results can be better than elsewhere. Call for further information on 0800 025 0025.

Dorota Kolodziejczuk
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