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Eat Your Way to Chiropractic Health!

One of the most common misconceptions is that chiropractic health is something that should be treated in isolation. However, adjustments even by the most skilled of chiropractors should only be viewed as part of the solution/treatment regime.

For years now, it has been know that both regular exercise/stretches plus diet can greatly alleviate nerve pain. Unfortunately, in many cases the importance of the latter has not been fully appreciated.

Why is Diet so Important? The reason is that a bad/unhealthy diet can greatly exacerbate inflammation causing avoidable stress on joints and nerve endings resulting in pain and increasing the likelihood of conditions such as osteoarthritis!

The Mediterranean is Calling!

In practically all of the English speaking world, the majority of adults can be classified as overweight or indeed obese. However, this is not the case in the Mediterranean or more specifically Italy and Greece where MSK issues are considerably less.

Why? Simply put, the ideal Mediterranean Diet is far more fish based with specifically oily fish such as herring, mackerel, sardines and fresh tuna all being rich in Omega-3; a great anti-inflammatory.

In addition, fruits and vegetables are natural ‘antioxidants’ which help to reduce inflammation and therefore joint stiffness and swelling – All of which being constituent parts of the Mediterranean Diet!

Better still, many of the fats consumed are of the good non-saturated type; including the ubiquitous olive but also walnut and avocado oils.

Can I get Nutritional & Dietary Advice to help my MSK Condition(s)?

Absolutely! At Retriva our whole philosophy revolves around a holistic approach to both chiropractic, general and aesthetic health.

In fact, we have even developed a 3 Month Wellness Program which is tailored to each individual patient guaranteeing the best health and aesthetic results possible including reducing inflammation and joint/nerve pain.

For more information, please contact our fully qualified nutritionist and nurse Monika at monika@retriva.co.uk.

Monika Sobanska
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