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A Specialised 360˚ Chiropractic Clinic in the Heart of Chelsea, London

Did you know that inflammation is a major exacerbator for most chiropractic conditions? For this reason, our Retriva chiropractors in Chelsea not only offers chiropractic treatment from its in-house chiropractic doctors but also expert advice from its nutritionists to look at your diet and lifestyle and indeed, anything that could aggravate your condition(s).

In fact, so committed are we to our 360˚ approach that we can even offer blood tests create a bespoke lifestyle template – Something that we believe is unique in London.

Free yourself of pain and retrieve your mobility and life.

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Chiropractic Treatment Types available at Retriva

At Retriva we offer a number of treatment types with the most common being Diversified Chiropractic. However, in certain circumstances alternative treatment types may be better for particular patients with for example the McTimoney method being particularly suitable for older or more fragile patients. For more information, please discuss with your chiropractic doctor.

What is Diversified Chiropractic?

Diversified chiropractic, which is the most common form, uses palpation and range of motion testing to identify the quality of the movement within a joint, revealing areas of the body that should be addressed. The affected joint is placed under tension just before the manipulative thrust and often results in an audible click, known as a joint cavitation. This “popping” is caused by changes in pressure of the fluids within the joint however is not essential and does not reflect the effectiveness of the adjustment. Receiving these adjustments can sometimes cause momentary discomfort, however the chiropractor will be sensitive to this and will ensure that you are as comfortable as possible.


What is Mc Timoney Chiropractic?

McTimoney chiropractic approaches the body as a whole, functioning unit rather than treating only symptomatic. Typically this starts with assessing the spine, followed by adjustments beginning with the pelvis. The adjustments are specific, light and quick. Most people experience little to no discomfort when receiving a McTimoney Method treatment. McTimoney is considered a “short-lever” technique because the adjustment is performed as close to the joint as possible without utilising your body weight to create additional tension. Like all chiropractic, the primary aim is to ensure joint mobility and function and are at an optimal state.


What is ABC™ Chiropractic?

ABC™ stands for Advanced Bio-structural Correction. Using the body's natural breath when standing, we can see where the spine is out of alignment and holding tension which manifests in our posture. Most of the adjustments take place standing up. The theory behind ABC™ is that in the spine, the only movement that the body cannot fix alone is when a vertebra moves forward from its correct position - there is no muscle or muscle group that can pull that bone back into place. When this happens, the body leans and twists in a way that can compensate for the lack of alignment. Over time, the pattern created can cause the posture to degenerate, leading bio-structural change that can cause symptoms in the body – everything from acid reflex to toe pain.

 ABC™ technique moves the vertebrae back to a more optimal position with every adjustment. Once the bones are in better alignment, the body will start to untwist itself and release previous tension. Through the process of this adjustment, the body works through old injuries. The process of this technique means that the first phase of care is concentrated period sessions are to be done over a regular period of time.

Your first chiropractic appointment includes:

An initial consultation and a comprehensive review of your health history.
A physical examination and a flexibility assessment.
A detailed report diagnosing your condition and overall health and wellness.
A second visit to discuss the report and then a treatment plan to get you back on your feet and living with better health.
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K-Laser and chiropractic

Combining traditional hands-on chiropractic care with K-Laser Therapy. K-Laser enhances the body’s natural regenerative functions by improving the supply of oxygen, nutrients and energy to the damaged tissue area.

In precis, K-Laser Therapy accelerates wound healing, reduces inflammation, pain, stiffness and spasms and is particularly popular with professional sports teams in the United States.

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