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Book your complimentary injectable and fillers consultation with Dr. Michail Malandrakis or Dr. Kishan Raichura both UK qualified aesthetic doctors and surgeons with over 15 years experience (Availability limited). Thermage FLX and Ultherapy Consultations will be with specially trained aesthetic nurses.

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The Retriva 360˚Aesthetic Consultation Makes All the Difference

At Retriva Chelsea, our aim is always to ensure that each and every patient receives expert advice before deciding upon which treatment or course of treatments best suit their individual needs and lifestyle. It is for this reason, we always recommend an initial full aesthetic assessment from one of our medically trained professionals including Mr. Michail Malandrakis who is one of the leading facial aesthetic and oculoplastic surgeons in the UK.

At the assessment, the aesthetic doctor or nurse will carryout a thorough examination and then discuss the various options available. The advice given will always be objective and aim to achieve the best natural looking results possible both from a long and, if requested, short term perspective.

For those seeking immediate results, the various injectable and filler options will be discussed together with the latest in non-surgical face and body lift treatments from leading companies such Ultherapy and Thermarge FLX. The aim at Retriva being where possible to literally turn back your biological age with the body itself being stimulated to produce its own new collagen and elastin. However, non-surgical procedures may not be suitable for all patients and where this is the case we will advise and, if requested, facilitate an appropriate introduction.


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