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The Retriva 360˚Approach makes All The Difference!
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The Retriva 360˚Approach Makes All the Difference

At Retriva Chelsea, we are different from virtually all other London Aesthetic Clinics because we adopt a holistic 360˚ approach to Beauty and Anti-Ageing.

The Retriva difference is that we aim not only offer the latest in non-surgical face and body lift treatments from leading companies such Ultherapy and Thermarge FLX but then combine these scientifically proven treatments with Wellness and Nutritional programs combined, where appropriate, with sympathetic injectable and filler treatments.

In particular, we are very proud of our class leading Wellness Program, which can include not just dietary and nutritional advice but also blood tests to identify exactly what is needed by your own body; an approach we believe is revolutionary for aesthetic clinics in the UK.

Even better, we also have an in-house lead chiropractic doctor Mike Mc Bean, who is at the vanguard of his profession combining ‘traditional’ chiropractic treatments with the latest laser technology, which can dramatically fasten healing times for sports injuries and also greatly reduce the bane of all MSK conditions, inflammation.

 “We Combine the latest technology and Wellness Programs to ensure You Look & Feel Years Younger”

The result is that at Retriva Chelsea, with our state-of-the-art approach, we can reset your biological to many years younger than you are!

We combine the latest technology and Wellness Programs to ensure you Look & Feel Years Younger. This is not hyperbole but scientifically validated, which is why we believe that any aesthetic or chiropractic treatment with us will prove more effective than with other clinics because we are also boosting the regenerative powers of your own body – In fact, we are retrieving your Health & Youth!

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* Please note that whilst consultations with our doctors are complimentary card details will be requested for non SW3, 6, 7 & 11 residents to prevent no shows. Provided at least 24 hours notice has been given before the cancellation of a booked appointment there will be no fees charged. However, in the rare instances that no notice has been given and to ensure that other patients can avail of any empty slots there will be a £75.00 cancellation fee charged.



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